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The Bed Bug Answer was established out of the explosive problem of bed bugs in the United States and the lack of effective solutions on the market today. After extensive company growth The Bed Bug Answer changed its name to RED COAT Services, LLC. in January of 2012.  The company is the ONLY licensed pest control operator with the Georgia Department of Agriculture specializing exclusively in canine and heat services for bed bugs. (License #96049)


Mrs. Ashley Marratt has been working with canines since 2000.  Since 2004 she has owned and operated a detection canine company for drug, contraband and explosive canines.  She brings her experience to the operation of Red Coat and a proven ability to deliver a quality canine program to the pest control industry.  Trained by Insect Education Services, LLC Mrs. Marratt is a certified bed bug expert.  She earned her Certified Pest Control Operator license in November of 2011.  Mrs. Marratt is a graduate of Pace Academy, the University of Virginia and earned her MBA in finance from Georgia State University.

Mr. John Marratt is a former environmental remediator who understands the intricacies and refinement of effective bio-remediation.  In addition, he is a professional blog administrator and social media marketing expert.  He is known in his industry for his attention to detail, his knowledge of geo-politics and global macroeconomics and his deep understanding of international culture. Mr. Marratt is a graduate of Woodward Academy and Emory University.











Sade is a 20 pound, beagle mix who is full of energy.  She was rescued from the Shelby County Alabama Animal Control and was trained by FSI K9 to find your bed bugs. 

Eliza is a 20 lb rescue beagle, who wants to tell you all about it.  She is a typical beagle who is stubborn and wont ever give up.  

Their training is unique in the bed bug dog world.  Not only were they trained to "hold" her alerts like an arson detection dog to pin-point the exact location of the odor, they have been trained by Mrs. Marratt to self search.  This means that they can be let off leash in a room and they can work the room on their own without constant direction.  This gives them speed and focus that is unparalled in the industy.

Atlanta Magazine did a great article on Red Coat and our dogs. See it here.


A canine certification is only as good as the paper it is printed on. A great bed bug detection team is about the results that it delivers daily.   For a truly robust and high quality canine program the owner must implement a CTQM approach to detection.  This involves highly trained handlers, demanding training exercises, multi-level supervision, third party double blind certifications, and confirmed results.  These standards will ensure that the bed bug detection canine industry maintains a stellar reputation. 

All our canine teams are a part of this rigorous protocol and CERTIFIED through the World Detector Dog Organization (WDDO).  The WDDO is renowned for its leadership and standards for certification of not only bed bug detection canine teams but also drug, explosive, termite, mold and arson detection canine teams.


RED COAT has partnered with specialist in every aspect of the bed bug field to ensure that our staff has the best of breed training across the industry.


  • Georgia Pest Control Association
  • Atlanta Apartment Association
  • Georgia Hotel & Lodging Association
  • World Detector Dog Association
  • Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce
  • National Pest Management Association


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