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Bed Bug Control Program for Hotels

For the Hospitality industry bed bugs create public relations headaches and big liability issues.  Both need to be addressed quickly with a long term prevention strategy. 

Conventional pesticide treatments merely aggravate infestations, spreading bed bugs to adjacent rooms and into hiding to bite another day.  360° treatments multiply costs and increase the number of rooms off line, driving your revenue per room down.

RED COAT will eliminate your current infestation and then assist you and your staff in establishing proactive prevention methods to identify issues early, prevent cross contamination of rooms, and protect your property from loss liability.  We don’t use chemicals, we don’t 360° treat, and we can have your room back online and ready for guests in 12 hours.

RED COAT'S Elite Bed Bug Control Program

  1. Peace of Mind Guarantee
  2. Dog Inspections
  3. Heat Remediation
  4. Staff Training
  5. Proactive Prevention