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Why use dogs to find and control bed bugs? 

The short answer is they are better and faster than any human or any mechanical device in finding bed bugs in thier earliest stages. We have trained our dogs to sniff out the odor of the bed bug and tell us that they found it.
The dog is the first true preventative treatment available for bed bugs. The earlier they are detected the more easily they can be exterminated.

Sade the Bed Bug Detection K9

  • Dogs can identify an infestation hidden in inaccessible locations that humans would rarely find
  • Dogs can find evidence of the earliest stages of infestation
  • Dogs can detect the bed bug smell even in the presence of extraneous odors

Bed Bug Dog Inspection Accuracy:

A through inspection is paramount to bed bug control

  • A dog can inspect a room in less than 3 minutes with over 90% accuracy and can identify harborages before bites are found.
  • A detailed human inspection of a room can take up to 60 minutes.  Even after flipping beds and furniture, accuracy is poor.  Small infestations can be easily missed.

Bed Bug Dog Benefits:

For the homeowner a dog can...

  • Determine if you have bed bugs
  • Pinpoint the locations of infestations to minimize treatment areas
  • After treatment confirmation inspections
  • Give you Peace of Mind that your home is bed bug free


National Pest Management Association Endorses Bed Bug Dogs

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