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E. S. Atlanta 9/18/11

Recently, I had some very suspicious looking bites on my stomach that appeared overnight.  Had a bad feeling we could have bed bugs.  So I called The Bed Bug Answer because they are the only specialized bed bug company in the state.  Ashley Marratt came the next morning, did a visual search of the beds and the sofa etc. She found nothing, but then she brought in Sade, (Sadie) her bed bug dog.  Sade went to work very efficiently and to my vast relief, Sade also gave us an all-clear. We were pleased to have Ms. Marratt in our house, and also her dog, who is small and a sweet!  Together they renewed our peace of mind.

By the way, the bites could have been caused by fleas.

A. H., Atlanta, November 2010


About 4 months ago, I kept waking up with bites all over my body. Each morning, I would assess the damage, and let my husband look at them and then would decide they were mosquito or gnat bites as I am prone to bug bites and he had none. This kept happening and then we started to hear about the resurgence of the Bed Bug.

I jumped on google and this is where the nightmare began (and ended). Let me first be clear on one thing, this is not a cleanliness or hygiene issue. I am what one would call a neat freak. I wash my sheets ALL the time and have a newborn so I tend to constantly protect our family from germs.  As I began to learn about these blood sucking pests, I soon learned we were in the midst of a full blown infestation. I pulled up the corners of my mattress to all of the tell tale signs. I was disgusted and immediately notified my apartment manager who has been amazing and so supportive through this whole process of eradication.

The first thing we did was to go and buy the mattress covers that are tested and proven...please do not waste your money on these. All they do is give the bugs another place to hide and harbor. I mean, do you really want to lay with only a cloth between you and these nocturnal creatures that can live up to one year with no food? I sure don't!! We then proceeded to have a series of four chemical treatments by a national pest control company which were VERY costly. After the first one, we decided to get rid of our mattress. We thought this problem would go away. We decided to sleep on the pull out sofa bed until we were sure. Well, they came back again and even worse. We had another chemical treatment and decided to throw away our sofa, chair and ottoman. These are items we had purchased as a new married couple and loved very much. We were losing thousands at this point. We were forced to sleep on an air mattress and wake up with bites and sore backs..not fun. 

It was at this point that I decided to investigate thermal remediation heat treatment. This is the only SURE thing that will kill all stages of life from eggs to adults. It is over 90% effective and the company has an actual guarantee. It was a relatively easy process, just a little clean up on the back end.

This has really been a nightmare, it has alienated us socially and given terrible us anxiety and sleepless nights. We had the heat treatment about 10 days ago. We even had a K9 inspection from Ashley and Sade of and all was clear. What a cool experience that was! We have even decided to use them again in a couple of weeks just to be safe.

I will never live life the same after this experience. It is critically important for people to educate themselves on this new epidemic. It will only get worse before it gets better. Please go to and find out how to protect yourself while traveling to hotels this holiday season. Trust me, you will not be sorry and you DO NOT want to go through this.