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Commercial Bed Bug Control

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A history of spraying roaches does not give a company experience in fighting bed bugs the right way.  Deep understanding of the pest and applying proven techniques is the only way to eliminate bed bugs in your property.  At RED COAT we don’t do “pest management” or “pest control” we do 100% Effective Bed Bug Elimination.

Our Elite Bed Bug Control Program harnesses the fundamentals of Integrated Pest Management through Education, Detection and Whole Room Heat Remediation.  No pesticides are used at all. Once we have helped you solve your current problem we will assist your team in developing a proactive preventative program to curb future issues.


Why choose RED COAT over the “big guys”?

  1. We employ the most advanced and effective bed bug treatments in the industry to get your room operational within days, not weeks.
  2. We have the longest industry guarantee for our treatment.  It’s not a “service” guarantee but a 100% extermination guarantee.  Meaning we will eliminate the bed bugs the first treatment or we will come back and do it again for free!
  3. Direct personal service with the owners of the company.  We are small and that is to your benefit. You don’t reach a call center or an un-informed employee when you call; you reach the owners who will personally solve your bed bug problem.
  4. We are bed bug specialist; we don’t do roaches, rats or ants.  We won’t solicit you for your quarterly pest control service.  Since all we do is bed bugs you can be assured that we are employing the best of breed techniques and we are on the cutting edge of the bed bug problem.

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Hotels | Multifamily | Industry Soultuions