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Effective Treatment:

Pesticides are harmful and ineffective in the control of bed bugs. Thermal Remediation® & sterilization does not use chemicals, but the application of high heat and steam to kill every bed bug in reach.  It is the only method that kills all stages of bed bugs (adult, nymph & egg) the first time!  It is a state of the art solution and the most effective tool in exterminating a bed bug infestation.

Heat & Thermal Remediation:

Thermal Remediation® is safe for all living spaces, non-toxic and takes ONE day to perform.  Rooms don’t have to be cleaned out first, in fact the opposite is true; leave it behind in case there is a bed bug inside.  Obviously pets, plants and candles should be removed, but the list is short.

Thermal Remediation® eliminates the need to throw out or replace linens, mattresses, furniture and curtains because everything is treated.

  • The whole room becomes the heat box
  • Since bed bugs are attracted to heat they don’t scatter 
  • Even if they try to escape, the heat permeates the walls and baseboards of the room so there is no place for the bugs to hide
  • Eliminates the need for pesticide use in the living environment
  • Eliminates the 360° extermination effort
  • Does not require multiple applications
  • Little effort required for the owner

The Equipment:

Temp-Air Heating SystemRED COAT utilizes equipment from Temp-Air, the only electric heaters that are UL approved and certified as pest control devices.  These electric heaters are safe and clean.  They raise the temperature in the room to 120 degrees.  We utilize industrial fans to force the air into cold spots and drive lethal bed bug temperatures throughout your space.  During the treatment the room is fully monitored by wireless thermometers that feed room temperatures back to a customized software program designed to maximize the effectiveness of the system.

The Process:

So what makes RED COAT's heat treatment unique?  We call it the CIA approach.  We utilize time tested proprietary strategies to ensure that every single bug and every single egg are destroyed.  No one escapes, not one survives. CIA stands for CONTAINMENT, ISOLATION & AIRFLOW.  It is more than putting your mattress in a tee-pee and closing doors, but since it is our family secret, we can't tell you more.  But think about it this way...anyone can own a car, but that does not make you a NASCAR driver.  Skill, training and experience gives the professional thier success.  With precision focus and high attention to detail you can be assured that we will get the job done the first time - Guaranteed!


The icing on the cake is that Thermal Remediation® kills blood borne pathogens.  So if there was any possibility of transmitting disease with these little creatures, that is gone too.  The temperature reaches a point where it serves as a bio-remediator too.

Our heat will kill the bed bugs, sterilize the room, and leave your space bed bug free.