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Bed Bug Control Programs

for Your Industry

Bed bugs have shocked the media with their ability to thrive in strange environments. From the corporate offices of Time Warner, to Victoria’s Secret, to movie theaters bed bugs will go where we go – they follow their food.   No property is immune to the bed bug.

Our goal at RED COAT is to help you get in front of the bed bug problem.  Proper detection of a true infestation is the utmost importance to squash the hysteria and accurately determine what needs to be treated.  Bed bug extermination efforts in these areas are challenging and often times not conducive to broad chemical treatments.  RED COAT will eliminate your current infestation and then assist you and your staff in establishing proactive prevention methods.

RED COAT's Elite Bed Bug Control Program

  1. Peace of Mind Guarantee
  2. Dog Inspections
  3. Heat Remediation
  4. Staff Training
  5. Proactive Prevention