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Bed Bug Control Program for Multifamily

Whether you manage apartment communities, condominiums, dormitories, government/military housing or senior living facilities bed bugs present a new and unique challenge to you.  Residents are hesitant to report bed bug sightings resulting in large infestations and increased remediation costs.    Budgets are tight and often times not prepared for reactive treatments.

Conventional pesticide treatments merely aggravate infestations, spreading bed bugs to adjacent apartments and into hiding to bite another day.  360° treatments multiply costs and increase the number of residents impacted by the chemicals, captivating precious time and energy of your management team that should be focused on leasing and promoting your property. 

If you are hoping bed bugs won’t hit you, you are betting on the wrong horse. Multifamily bed bug code ordinances are currently in development in Georgia so it is only a matter of time before proactive prevention plans become mandatory.

Our goal at RED COAT is to help you get in front of the bed bug problem.  We will eliminate your current infestation and then assist you and your staff in establishing proactive prevention methods to identify issues early, prevent cross contamination of residences, and protect your property through due diligence.  We don’t use chemicals, we don’t indiscriminately 360° treat, and we can have your resident bed bug free in 48 hours.

RED COAT'S Elite Bed Bug Control Program

  1. Peace of Mind Guarantee
  2. Dog Inspections
  3. Heat Remediation
  4. Staff Training
  5. Proactive Prevention