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First get the facts on the bed bug and its habits and then apply that knowledge to your daily life. To kill the bed bug, you must first understand it. 

How to avoid them in a hotel:

  • Fully inspect your hotel room when you check in (For more information on how to check your hotel room and what to look for visit the Q&A page.)
  • If you see any evidence of the bugs in your hotel room, take your suitcase out immediately and speak with management about your concerns
  • Avoid “bringing your favorite pillow” with you on your trip. Keep your luggage as far from the bed as possible and off the floor – tile bathroom/bathtub is preferred

How to avoid tracking them back to your home:

  • Apply Red Coat Repellent daily to your shoes, luggage and travel wear.
  • Inspect your luggage when you come home from a trip
  • Never place your suitcase on your bed
  • If you travel frequently, purchase a personal heat box to “cook” your suitcases
  • Never recycle furniture from yard sales or used furniture stores
  • Avoid “hanging out” in dark places with cushioned furniture

What to do if you suspect them or find them in your home:

  • Our best advice to everyone: homeowners, hotels, apartments, everyone is to WALK OUT and LOCK OUT!  Containment is the first priority.  
  • Then CALL US to have a bed bug dog determine the true extent of your problem.
  • The dog team will determine the size and reach of the infestation and explore the best options with you for full bed bug extermination.
  • Remember, time is your enemy with these creatures.  If you wait, they will reproduce rapidly creating a bigger headache for you and a more costly treatment.
  • If you have bed bugs in your space we can kill them all within a few days without using harsh chemicals. 

A typical human room inspection should cover the following areas: