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Proactive Prevention of Bed Bugs

Once you remove all bed bugs from your property with dog detection and heat extermination it is time for you to evaluate how to keep this problem from happening again.

RED COAT recommends a three pronged approach:

  1. Quarterly Dog Inspections for Bed Bugs
  2. ZappBug - Personal Heating Devices
  3. Loss Liability Management

Quarterly Dog Inspections

You just can't wait for a guest to find a bed bug or a resident to admit to having them.  The liability risk and treatment delays only aggravate an infestation, and in effect, your headaches.  The only proactive measure to find infestations early is by utilizing dog detection. 

For a commercial property, early bed bug detection will:

  • minimizes bed bug spreading
  • prevent unnecessary  360° pesticide applications
  • identify harborages before they impact people
  • establish due diligence


For DIY bed bug control the ZappBug can't be beat.  It allows users to heat up almost any item to exterminate bed bugs. 

For hotel management, it can be used when transferring a guest between rooms, when a suspicious package arrives on property or if an unusual item becomes infested.

For apartment management it can be leased out to residents during an infestation to prevent spreading and re-infestation problems.

Loss Liability Management

At RED COAT it is our job to not only understand the bug, but to also understand the implications of its presence in our society.  Our team is acutely aware of the public relations issues, the legal issues and the policy issues bed bugs have brought to bear on your industry. 

We are currently involved with various governmental organizations in the construction of local code ordinances and industry requirements regarding bed bugs. If your organization needs guidance or assistance with policy development we are happy to assist you with your efforts. 

If you have not reviewed your company policies on bed bugs, the time is NOW.