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Portable Bed Bug Heat Treatment Device

19"L xDo you travel or have frequent visitors to your home?

If so, a personal ZappBug Heater or ZappBug Oven 2 is the answer to your bed bug fears. 

When a traveler arrives at your home, just place the suitcase and their belongings into the personal heater.  It will kill all bed bugs, stop them from infesting your home and give you the peace of mind to sleep soundly at night.

If you are in the middle of an infestation

ZappBug can be used to kill bed bugs in a wide variety of items; even items that cannot be washed and dried.  To prevent bed bugs from transferring to you new location, just heat your belongings before moving.

There is no need to throw out your personal belongings anymore in an infestation.  Just cook the critters, avoid harsh chemicals and save your possessions

ZappBug uses patent pending heating technology to eliminate bedbugs from luggage and personal belongings. No chemicals, no residual pesticides just pure green heat.

ZappBug is the safe and easy way to prevent and eliminate bedbugs.

Why use heat to treat bedbugs?

Heat is the only non-chemical treatment that has been shown to consistently and effectively kill all life stages of bedbugs.

Why is ZappBug better than any other method for killing bedbugs?

  •    Bed bugs have shown to survive at negative 140 degrees
  •    Freezing is an incomplete method of treatment
  •    Bed bugs have developed immunity to pesticides
  •    ZappBug kills all stages of bed bugs
  •    Eliminates bedbugs invisible to the naked eye

Product Description:

When should I use it?

  •   Returning home from a trip
  •   When guests come to visit
  •   When transferring between rooms/units
  •   During a bed bug infestation and remediation effort

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