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Bed Bug Repellent for High Risk Environments

  • Used by Professionals for Personal Protection
  • No DEET or Harmful Pesticide
  • Peace of Mind for your Travels!
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A message from Ashley:

As a pest control bed bug professional, I am often asked, “How do you protect yourself from bed bugs?”

My response? Common sense (like don’t rub up on infested furniture).  Also you have to keep in mind that bed bugs can be found anywhere, not just beds.  I cannot treat everything I am exposed to, so I make myself very unappealing to bed bugs.  I developed my own personal bed bug repellent that I apply to my shoes and my pants. 

When I travel I use it on my suitcase and the airplane seat.  I also use it on any public seating, transportation, and lounge areas.  When bed bugs are shopping for their next home, it won’t be mine! 

Red Coat Repellent will deter bed bugs from you and your belongings when it is applied to fabrics.  It is hand crafted from naturally repellent essential oils.  It does not contain any registered pesticides or DEET.  It will not stain fabrics, dries quickly and is safe to use around pets and children. 

The bottles are recyclable aluminum and come in a 4oz for daily home use and a 2 oz for traveling. The 2oz is sold in a two pack.  It is TSA approved size for carry-on luggage and comes in a handy travel pouch. This product is made in the USA.

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