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Dear John,
I was told that there was a pattern to bed bugs and how they infiltrated a city.  I said, time will tell for GA, we are not lost to them yet.  Now a year later I can say that I have seen the pattern build as predicted and we should expect to see more.

The pattern was explained to me as follows: It starts in the hotels.  Guests complaining and management trying to figure out what has blindsided them.  Then the residential clients start to feel the pain.  They panic and start covering their homes in chemicals.  Then finally the apartment management companies throw up their hands and do we stop this plague??? 

I have seen the progression in GA and in our client base. We are not a mature bed bug state yet, but if we continue spraying them they will spread.  Be vigilant with your flashlight, vacuum and heat and we will stop the progress together. 

May the heat be with you!
Best, Ashley
CEO, The Bed Bug Answer, Atlanta Bed Bug Control Specialist 

Hot Topics 
1. CDC releases brief on pesticide exposure deaths after bed bug chemical treatments
2. University of FL tests the abilities of bed bug detection dogs in 2008- a great success!
3. More on pesticide resistance - this article calls out two common chemicals as useless against bed bugs beta-cyfluthrin (Temprid) and detamethrin (Suspend).
4. Christian Hardigree at NAR 2011 on bed bugs and the law. Don't miss her guidance.
5. National Pest Management Association revises Bed Bug Best Practices
Hospitality News
1. Lodging Magazine weighs in on bed bug complaint management.
2. Lodging Hospitality offers legal advise on a good bed bug defense, courtesy of Christian Hardigree.
Multifamily & Condo News
1. Court awards $40,000 in bed bug negligence suit against the building's owners and operators
2. Rent To Own Furniture opens the door for bed bugs
3. How is your moving company dealing with bed bugs?
4. An Iowa judge has certified a class action bed bug lawsuit against a landlord on behalf of 300 residents.
5. Property Management Insider discusses heat treatments in apartments - good summary but too bad they highlighted the low end equipment.
Product Evaluation: HEAT
Don't worry, we critically evaluate our own procedures as well as others on a constant basis.  So here is what we have recently learned about heat.  New research has been completed on the kill temps and exposure time of bed bug heat extermination.  Hint: they are a bit higher than formerly reported.  Our procedures still exceed these benchmarks which explains our success.  Make sure your heat provider is meeting the mark!
Bed Bug Factoid: 
                          Bed Bug Bites
bed bugWhile internet research will tell you that bed bug bites itch terribly and come in series of threes (breakfast, lunch & dinner), the truth is you cannot diagnose a bed bug problem from bites alone.  There are plenty of things that can bite us while we sleep - so PLEASE don't show me your bites and ask for an opinion!

If you have questions regarding bed bugs, don't hesitate to send them in.  We will address as many as possible to keep your mind at ease.  If you would like to receive news updates on a more frequent basis I invite you to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. 
May the heat be with you!

AMM Signature B&W
Ashley M. Marratt  

Bed Bug Control Specialist
The Bed Bug Answer

Phone: 404-665-3985


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The First Bed Bug Thriller Is Out!

I’m not sure how anyone could sleep peacefully after watching this video. Reading the book in bed would be even worse.


For more information regarding bed bug detection and eradication, call The Bed Bug Answer at 404-665-3985.

John, Atlanta Bed Bug Control Specialist


CDC Report On Illnesses Associated With Chemicals Used To Kill Bed Bugs 

I am often asked if #bedbugs can make you sick or transmit any diseases. Well, as of right now we do know that they carry diseases. However, the research is saying that #bedbugs do not actually transmit diseases.

Currently, what is more dangerous is not the #bedbug itself; it’s the chemicals people are using to treat bed bugs. This report from the CDC should give you enough reason to not use chemicals in your home. This is especially true if you are trying to do it yourself with over the counter products. Read the document and protect yourself.

For more information regarding bed bug detection and eradication, call The Bed Bug Answer at 404-665-3985.

John, Atlanta Bed Bug Control Specialist




Scientific Research On Canine Bed Bug Abilities

For those of you wondering if a #bedbug canine is worth the expense, the study below gives you the details on a recent study. Bottom line, a #bedbug detection canine is the best way to find out if you have uninvited guest sucking on your leg in the middle of the night.

For more information regarding bed bug detection and eradication, call The Bed Bug Answer at 404-665-3985.

John, Atlanta Bed Bug Control Specialist




Horrific Bed Bug Infestation

This video speaks for itself. Just in time for Halloween.

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